For Professionals

We are a small society of healthcare professionals involved in the care of patients with patellofemoral conditions; including physiotherapists, surgeons and radiologists. Our aim is to improve care for patients, by facilitating education and training in this area. We also develop national guidelines and research studies relating to patellofemoral conditions.

If you would like to join the society then further details can be found here.


Rehabilitation Resources

Many thanks to Celia Wogan (Senior Physiotherapist) and the Bristol Knee Group for sharing their rehabilitation protocols.


Details of ongoing patellofemoral research trials and guideline development to follow.


For trainees looking to pursue a career in knee surgery who seek further sub-specialist training in the treatment of patellofemoral conditions, the following UK-based fellowships have an element of this work to their practice. They can all be contacted via their secretaries in their NHS practice.

  • Birmingham (Tanweer Ashraf)
  • Bristol (Jonathan Eldridge)
  • Bristol ( Damian Clark)
  • Coventry (Andy Metcalf / Pete Thompson)
  • Derby (Guido Geutjens)
  • Leeds (Sanjeev Anand)
  • London (Deiary Kader)
  • Oswestry (Andrew Barnett)
  • Oxford (Nicholas Bottomley)
  • Reading (Nev Davies)
  • Exeter (Vipul Mandalia)
  • Wrightington (Simon Barton)

Please let us know if you have a fellowship to add to this list.


The BPFS supports an annual bursary of £500 to support trainees within 5 years of CCT who wish to pursue a travelling fellowship to further their knowledge and skills in treating patellofemoral conditions.

The award will be advertised annually and awarded at the annual meeting in January.

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